Dr. Ben Jochannan Custom Quote Wall Sketch DBJ-SKQ1


  • “Truth is a continuous examination, and Fact… always supersedes belief.”
  • Custom Sketch with quote from Dr Ben Jochannan.
  • Proudly display in your home or office.
  • Size 8 1/2 X 11


Ben Jochannan Description

“People condemn me for not being an intellectual of the Ph.D. type,”

Dr. Ben Jochannan made this statement in response to comments made and questions raised about his educational credentials. Affectionately known as Dr. Ben, Jochannans biography is riddled with controversy as only a minute part of his personal and professional achievements can be corroborated. There is no paper trail to substantiate his claim to his place of birth and most of his educational or professional qualification. Regardless of this fact, Dr. Ben is ranked among the most respected Egyptologists and Historians of the twentieth century. Dr. Ben led numerous guided tours to Egypt during which he gained first-hand knowledge of ancient Egyptian culture. This certainly qualified him to being an authority on Egyptian culture.

“Without you, African mother, there would have been no us–African fathers, sons and daughters.” This statement translates Dr. Ben’s respect and value for the ‘mothers’ of his people. Purchase and display a ‘Dr. Ben’ sketch; in your home, office or business to demonstrate your respect for the African mothers in the diaspora, African Culture and “Black Nation Building”.

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Weight 1.6 oz

8 1/2 X 11


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