Khalid Muhammad Custom Quote Wall Sketch KM-SKQ3


  • “Revolution is the only solution. Revolution is complete constructive change. Revolution starts in the mind.”
  • Custom Sketch with quote of Khalid Muhammad.
  • Proudly display in your home or office.
  • Size 8 1/2 X 11


Khalid Muhammad
“I am a freedom fighter! I have to be prepared everyday that I open my eyes to fight the enemy in any way that the enemy presents itself!”

Those are the words of Dr. Khalid Muhammad: Black Nationalist, former member of the NOI and New Black Panther Party founder! Khalid has been the most forthright and ferocious speaker in the Nation of Islam. He identified and empathized with the problems encountered by his race in both slavery and post slavery eras. Wherever he went and whenever he spoke, he fearlessly disseminated the seeds of his grievances regarding the treatment of Africans in the diaspora. One cannot help but to admire the fierceness of this feisty African “soldier” in defence of his people.

Khalid Muhammad exemplified Black Pride! His portrait deserves “pride of place” in any household, business or office. Purchase and display a Khalid Muhammad sketch where others may see it and be uplifted! Resuscitate Black Pride and assist in revitalizing the black economy.

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Weight 1.6 oz

8 1/2 X 11


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