Mentacide Definition : “the deliberate and systematic destruction of an individual or groups’ mind.”– Dr Bobby Wright

Mentally unstable individuals do not have the capacity to rationalize and therefore, they are easily influenced by suggestions, swayed by bribery and acquiesce to negative influences to which they are exposed. One does not have to strip and run down the street nude to be recognized as being insane. Some acts of instability are accepted and looked upon favorably one does not have to be medically diagnosed to be conceptualized as being mentally unstable. The mere act of using a chemical substance to change your healthy pigment to a medically unhealthy and temporary state, in layman’s term means “you are not thinking straight.” In other words, you are mentally unstable. Why would one pay to change a thing of beauty and value to something people jeer at and ridicule behind your backs?



Dr Ben Jochannan characterize the beauty of the black woman with these words: “Dipped in chocolate, bronzed in elegance, enameled with grace, toasted with beauty. My lord, she’s a black woman.” Yet, due to the influence of the Western culture, and the weakness of mind brought about by mentacide, African men and women are damaging their beautiful dark, smooth, enameled skin in order to mimic  melanin-less people! Why does the African race believe that in order to be recognized, or, to appeal to the masses they need to have lighter skin tones? The irony of it all is that those ethnicities who have pale skins are trying to get darker skins! Caucasions are resorting to tanning machines in order to get that richer deeper skin tone, while mentally unstable Africans are bleaching their skin to make it lighter. Surely, intelligent, stable, racially and culturally conscious Africans would realize that their dark pigment is something to be treasured and be proud of, seeing that others are willing to get sunburned or scientifically treated to acquire a minute, temporary, mediocre shade of what is an African’s natural birthright? If bleaching was all that good, why would “whites” try to get darker skin tones? Why does it come with so much warning?

Africans are regarded as the poorest class of people and so it is fair to assume that mentally weak black celebrities become confused by their unexpected success. Therefore, having gained some wealth and popularity, their minds are blown to the extent that they no longer want to be identified as blacks. They succumb to the mentacide to which they had become accustomed. African-american artistes as Michael Jackson, lil Kim, Jamaican vybez Kartel to name a few Latoya Jackson are all prime examples. Judging from their actions, one does not have to be a psychologist to realize that these individuals are somewhat mentally unstable, mentally unstable to the point that they resorted to bleaching their skin; not realizing that changing their skin tones does not change their ethnicity. In order to identify with the wealthy, they believed they have to change their skin tone to fit their financial status! Some of these African-americans have bleached their skin to the point that they are unrecognizable!

The painting “The Redemption of Ham” by Modesto Brocos features a black grandmother, mixed-race mother, white father and white baby. The grandmother stands to the left with her hands raised in prayer, praising God that her grandson is white.
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Africans will have to recover from the mentacide from which they suffered and are still suffering. They need to rid themselves of their inferiority complex before they can truly accept themselves for who they are—a chosen people.


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