While some evidence suggests that the Coronavirus, Covid-19 is a man made disease, we as African people shouldn’t be so much concerned with who or why it was created as this deals more so with Global geopolitics for which Africans are not permitted to sit at the table.  Also, compared to other viral outbreaks throughout history, this is by no means Pandemic, particularly in the United States. 

Here are a few points that are considered as being  the “fallout” that is and or will occur from this Coronavirus “Pandemic”. 

1. Economic Destabilization of China.  In the next 2-5 years if they are not already, China  has positioned itself to be the next economic commercial power of the planet.  Western society with an emphasis on the US is doing all they can to stop and or significantly slow down this shift of power as the $US dollar continues to lose its value around the world and status as the defacto currency of trade and China continues to be the leading manufacturer of consumer and commercial products around the globe.  

2. Pharmaceutical companies profit as they seek to create a vaccine and or wait for the right time to release to the public the one they have already created. Some of these vaccines that are being promoted as being preventative measures, are actually population control measures. https://www.globalresearch.ca/coronavirus-causes-effects-real-danger-agenda-id2020/5706153    Further research on behalf of th ereader should also reveal, that it is virtually impossible to create a vaccine for the Coronavirus as this viruses strains mutates simillarly to the influenza virus that causes the flu which has several strains. How many peolp do you know including yourself, have taken a flu shot and have still contracted the flu? 

3.. A Payday for one of Trump’s Major financial contributors the Koch Brothers. Koch owns Georgia Pacific who owns paper mills and are manufacturers and distributors of various paper products. (see: major manufacturer of paper products.)   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0W4JhQQPp7w  In addition to paydays for other industries who appear to profit in times of turmoil. (See Purell from Johnson & Johnson & manufacturers of ventilators).  

4. To help secure a second term for Trump during this crisis as his administration offers “stimulus packages” to placate voters and help to further  “close the borders” to outsiders seeking to come to the US. Closing the US borders ranks very high on his agenda of things to accomplish before leaving office.  Or on the liberal left side, Trumps lack of what they consider to be “proper pandemic protocol” will be used against him in the upcoming election.  

5. Social Engineering – Through the continued use of fear to make people dependent on the government to help them. This keeps people from engaging in natural contact with each other. Social Media, text messaging etc have already impacted and limit the personal interaction of people with each other.  Now, people are becoming even more estranged as many are either not going to work or are working from home, having takeouts instead of dining in restaurants. Instead of a handshake, hug and or a “hello,” social interaction on the streets has diminished as individuals merely wave at each other from a distance in fear of contracting this virus.  You contantly hear and see “Social Distancing, Social Distancing, Social Distancing!”.   

6. Population Control.  In times of fear people watch more television, allowing them to receive more “programming” (political or social propaganda) which contributes as a softer form of population control. The more  people stay at home and the longer they stay, the more they may become susceptible to or enamored in the recent push of “Virtual Reality,” which is a ploy that is being used to occupy our minds and further disengage us from reality. Recent studies have shown that the youth are having “less sexual intercourse” and/ or seeking “alternative sexual lifestyles”. The less contact people have, the less chance for sexual intercourse, thereby lessening the chance of procreation. One of the main populations to be controlled being “African People”as their virility is an established fact.  In adition, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Bill Gates himself is one of main propoents of mass vaccinations and or “mandatory vaccinations.  He is also a major proponent of “Population Control”.   

7. During times of crisis, there is usually a mass transfer of wealth; with the bulk of the transfer being from ordinary working middle to lower class to the “financial elite”.  “Poverty, unemployment, underemployment, homelessness, food insecurity, hunger, overall deprivation and human suffering are growth industries in the US and West.”    History will show that when the US economy goes into a recession as this Coronavirus will undoubtedly cause, there are a couple of things that usually occur.  Stock markets “crash” causing stocks, mutual funds and other annuities to plunge in value. When this occurs, “investors” usually of the elite classes are able to then buy these stocks at a much lower value and add them to their portfolios.  Second, is that interest rates fall which is supposed to help jump start the economy usually within the housing markets. But while some individuals take advantage of these lower rates, it is usually those of the “elite” who are able to buy up properties and then sell and or rent them and increase their wealth even further. 



African Americans should be more concerned with some of the numbers listed below rather than the current (millions)  infected and (thousands) of deaths recorded in the US so far. 


Disaster Preparedness

  • 33% of African Americans have less than one month of funds saved for a crisis and less than 25% have amassed more than six months’ of emergency savings.


Probably a good contributing factor to our lack of financial preparedness are the places we do spend our money rather than saving:

  • $7-8 billion a year by women on beauty and hair care products.
  • $29 billion on cars and trucks.
  • $3 billion per year on Tobacco products.
  • $29 billion on Clothing/Apparel 
  • $3 billion on Alcohol products
  • $18 billion on telephone services
  • $321 collectively on the purchase of books!

Source: Target Market News, “The Buying Power of Black American – 2010”



  • 50% of homeless families are black
  • 52% of homeless families with children are black
  • 42% of all homeless are black




  • 27% of all African-Americans live in poverty.
  • 48% of all African Americans under age 6 live in poverty. 



Missing People

  • 205,800 African Americans went “missing” in 2019
  • Of 424,000 cases of missing children under the age of 18 in the US that were reported missing in 2018, 37% or 156,000 were black. 



Jobs & Workforce

  • African Americans have an unemployment rate of 6.5% which is the highest among all racial and ethnic groups. 




  • African Americans make up 12-14% of the population but 37% of the prison population. Although, the numbers have been declining in recent years. 




  • Median net worth of black households is $9,590 compared to $130,800 for white families.
  • Between 1983 & 2013 white families wealth increased by 14% while blacks decreased by 75%. 
  • 25% of black families have zero or negative net worth



African American Business

  • Although the number of black owned businesses have increased in recent years with women leading the way, the total percentage of African-American owned businesses is only 7%. (more or less depending on the source as some reports are less than 1%) 
  • Of the 2 million black owned businesses in America, 1.9 million have no employees.  




  • In 2016–17, the ACGRs (adjusted cohort graduation rate) for American Indian/Alaska Native (72 percent), Black (78 percent), and Hispanic (80 percent) public high school students were below the U.S. average of 85 percent. The ACGRs for White (89 percent) and Asian/Pacific Islander2 (91 percent) students were above the U.S. average.


  • Income earned by race with college degree






Home Ownership  

  • After fair housing legislation was passed in 1968 during the Civil Rights era, black home ownership rate increased for 30 years and reached nearly 50 percent in 2004, but all those gains have been erased in the last 12 years.The homeownership rate for black households ended 2016 at 41.7 percent, near a 50-year low, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. 



Health & Lifespan

  • While life expectancy has increased for African Americans in recent years, their average lifespan of 75.5 years is still the 2nd lowest in the US 2nd only to the “Native American”.   Poor diets, income disparity, lack of adequate medical care, environmental hazards in and around our homes, the stresses of living within a racist cultural system, mental and spiritual instability & lack of a culture are among some of the main reasons for this shorter lifespan. 


  • In addition to lower lifespans, African Americans suffer from high rates of hiv infection, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, fibroids, breast, prostate and other forms of cancer. 


This post was not created by any means to demean and or belittle those of our people affected by the Coronavirus.  If you and or a family member or loved one has been affected by the Coronavirus, you have our deepest sympathies. We just want to point out that viruses, bacterias and sickness etc are a part of the cycle of life. Unfortunately within that cycle, there are sometimes casualties. But for African people, especially those in the United States, the Coronavirus is just another issue that must be dealt with while living “behind enemy lines”.

With all the odds stacked against us, the biggest and still the most difficult to overcome is the one that prevents us from identifying with our brothers and sisters. This prevents us from supporting each other while joining others to belittle and victimize our own people. Mentally, many of us are still slaves as we “blindly” accept what we are told. We continue to live and think inside the “box” in which we are placed.  


For current up to date statistics for the Coronavirus “Pandemic”, please view:  

Coronavirus World Meter


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