Time Is Precious


  • African Warrior Scholars Official T-Shirt
  • Show Appreciation for the Accomplishments of these Warrior Scholars
  • 100% Cotton
  • Sizes S – 2XL


From the time that we are born, our clock starts ticking. This clock determines how long we will be here in our physical form until we transition into the spiritual realm. Our ability to manage our time constructively is an ability that in today’s reality, many human beings do not possess. When we are instilled with certain values, self identity and codes of behavior from within an intact culture, we find that we naturally do things to spend our time constructively. We seek out quality relationships with friends, loved ones and spouses, we take time to learn how to properly keep our body mind and spirits healthy, we take the time to learn a career and or start a business that will be rewarding to ourselves, our families and a positive contribution to our communities, we take the time to appreciate nature and all of the life forms that makeup the world’s ecosystem and we take the time to read and study the external intricacies of how humans of different ethnicities and “races” interact with each other in all forms of human activity so we know how best to “relate & communicate” with them in order to make the most of our time while we are here in the present and pass on this information for future generations. As the quote on this shirt design suggests, “if you do not take control of your time someone else will.” And unfortunately, most African people around the world have other people dictating and controlling how we spend our time.

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