Khalid Muhammad Long Sleeve Hoodie Grey T Shirt KM-LSGTQ1


  • “I am a freedom fighter. I have to be prepared every day that I open my eyes to fight the enemy in any way that the enemy presents itself.”
  • Grey, Long-sleeved, Hoodie T-shirt with custom quote from Khalid Muhammad.
  • RBG Clothing
  • 100 % cotton
  • Size: S – 2XL


From a preacher to an activist, Khalid Muhammad was the most forthright of African-American speakers. Subtlety was not his strong point and there was no difficulty understanding where he stood on matters of race and equality. Muhammad, born Harold Moore in Houston, Texas on January 12, 1948, was a hard-working, devoted and militant member of the Nation of Islam until he was demoted by Louis Farrakhan and labeled an extremist.

Unlike most speakers whose speeches were laced with incomprehensible lyrics, Muhammad was an outspoken, radical black man whose fear of reprisal by the authorities was nullified by his black pride! He was outraged at the unfair treatment of his people, not only in the Americas where they were brought as slaves, but also in their own countries. Khalid Muhammad was the founder of the New Black Panther Party (NBPP) which has no affiliation to the original Black Panthers. Khalid was a man of action who had no passion for “pretty” words. He exuded pride and confidence. He is buried near to the grave of Malcolm X in Ferncliff Cemetery, Westchester, NY, USA.

Be proud, brave and honest all at once and answer the following questions truthfully. Do you have the pride in your race? Are you a fearless, strong and brave warrior? If you believe you have an iota of the pride of Khalid and was “born to raise hell from the cradle to the grave” in your fight for equality, show your “Black Pride” by purchasing and proudly wearing a Khalid Muhammad t-shirt for all to see!

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