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  • “Black females must understand that we always will be oppressed, as will our sons and daughters, unless Black men are liberated to defend themselves, Black females and Black children from any and all attack and insults.”
  • BlackT-shirt with custom quote from Dr. Frances Welsing
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  • 100 % cotton
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Dr. Frances Welsing

Author of The ISIS Papers: The Keys to the Colors, Dr Frances Welsing and The Cress Theory of Color-Confrontation and Racism, is one of the few women of color who dared to challenge and disprove the concept of White Supremacy. Dr Welsing opined that the origin of white people developed not from a healthy source but from a deficiency of melanin, the compound needed to acquire color or pigmentation. Their claim to superiority is a defence mechanism developed from being shunned eons ago by people of color. Their antagonistic behavior towards colored people is retaliation against being treated as outcasts in the past. This antagonism has been instilled in them for ages and their fear of rejection over the years eventually morphed into resentment.

Being the daughter of two intelligent professionals: her father was a medical doctor while her mother was a teacher, Dr Welsing may have inherited her analytic genes from both sides of her family. Welsing received accolades in the Los Angeles Times for being the first scientist to psychoanalyze racism. Based on the perspicacity of her theory, Dr Welsing was invited to speak and lecture at various venues both nationally and internationally. She was also an invited guest on the Phil Donahue Show. Welsing wrote “12 commandments” by which blacks should live if they want to become the more dominant race. Purchase a Frances Welsing t-shirt and show that you are not inferior!.

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