A Book on Black & White Interracial Relationshiips| Excuses, Excuses


  • Title: Excuses. Excuses
  • Author: Mwalimu Baruti
  • Genre: Social Science
  • Publisher: Akoben House
  • Paperback


Many believe racial amalgamation is the final step into racial equality. The free and open mating and mixing of Afrikans and Europeans is supposed to eventually create a social environment where the idea of race itself becomes meaningless. But why is this believed? What are the bases of this assumption?


This book attempts to address this belief by exploring ten of the most popular excuses Afrikan males give for pursuing relationships with European females. They include everything from “I just fell in love” to the aggression of Afrikan women to revenge against European men. It is the intent of the author to expose them for what they are, rationales to conceal and justify mentacide.


In that many individuals use the same excuses, the coupling of Afrikans and Europeans is more than a personal choice. It is a social phenomenon which should be explained through an analysis of European cultural imperatives. And this book does just that. As taken from the second chapter…


“Love may be where you find it but culture determines where you look. Nothing social, that is having to do with the interaction between two or more people, exists or is interpretable outside of a cultural context. Lest we forget, European culture is notorious for manipulating people’s choices in such a way that it looks as if by free will they are independently determined to destroy themselves.”

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