Dr. Ben Jochannan Custom Quote Black T-Shirt DBJ-BTQ2


“Without you, African mother, there would have been no us–African fathers, sons and daughters.”

  • White T-shirt with custom quotes from Dr Ben Jochannan.
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Dr. Ben Jochannan

Black Man of the Nile: and His Family; an anthropological novel, chronicles the research and findings of Ben Jochannan regarding the early inhabitants of the Nile Valley to include East Sudan. Those who are not familiar with his work may ask; who is Ben Jochannan? More popularly referred to as Dr.Ben, Jochannan led numerous guided tours to Egypt, specifically the Nile Valley region. Credited as being the author of 47 books of which the major themes focus on “Black Civilization” and or Religion, Dr. Ben was accused of distorting the truth by crediting blacks as the forerunners of early civilization.

However, Jochannan’s personal biography have generated more controversy than his writings. Most of his academic claims cannot be substantiated regardless of the fact that many have tried to access his educational records over the years. His challenge to the accuracy of the King James version of the Holy Bible did not endear him to some sections of society.

Father of 13 children, one cannot dispute his admiration and respect of the African woman. “Dipped in chocolate, bronzed in elegance, enameled with grace, toasted with beauty. My lord, she’s a black woman.” … He went on to elaborate; “Without you, African mother, there would have been no us–African fathers, sons and daughters. … It does not matter to which ethnic group you belong! Join with Dr. Ben Jochannan in the admiration and acknowledgement of the role of the female in the perpetuance of the human race! Purchase a Ben Jochannan T-shirt to show your support.

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