Book Prayers Of Gratitude


  • Title: Message To The Warriors
  • Author: Mwalimu Baruti
  • Publisher: Akoben House
  • Format: Paperback Book


From beginning to end, this writing is a Warrior’s affirmation. Affirmations are critical to our development as persons with purpose because they give our mind instruction. They initiate and support the subconscious activity which assists us in elevating our thoughts, refining our focus and vision so that we can make higher moral and ethical decisions and stand as the Warriors we are. They should be viewed as spiritual declarations and aspirations. Accepting that all of our thoughts constitute one ongoing prayer, you can even call this book, in its entirety, a prayer if you like. Know that there is nothing wrong with the word pray, just in the behaviors it is too often associated with relative to the pacification of the Warrior spirit, particularly among Afrikan men and boys in western society. With this in mind, each individual statement of gratitude can be looked upon as an individual prayer, meditation or affirmation.

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