Black African Males Rites Of Passage Book| Asafo


  • Title: Asafo
  • Author: Mwalimu Baruti
  • Paperback Book
  • Publisher: Akoben House


Asafo is an in-depth Afrikan centered discussion of the requirements of Afrikan manhood. In it, the author clearly lays out our sources of power and the tools that must be acquired, mastered and used if we are to reclaim our correct role as warrior scholars in the battle to provide safe, sacred and empowering spaces for our families and communities. It gives specific consciousness raising guidelines for our nationbuilding effort, weeding out those compromising ideas and forces which have kept us confused over whether we want to be powerful or just influential in this world. This book is a very important tool in Afrikan men’s efforts to help ReAfrikanize our people. As the table of contents indicate, there is a strong emphasis on building functional educational institutions, developing a dynamic sense of group-consciousness through elevating one’s self-consciousness, male rites of passage programs and a warrior’s mental preparation. In addition, we are taken through the difficult process of growing from being merely other-directed, apathetic individual consumers to powerful, mission-directed men in thought, word and deed. Asafo closes with an extensive collection of revolutionary quotes that specifically work to define, direct and heal every Afrikan man’s warrior scholar spirit.

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