Amos Wilson Long Sleeve Hoodie Grey T-Shirt AMOS-LSGTQ3


  • “The Black community has run the longest, most successful boycott in history—the boycott against their own Black businesses.”
  • Dr. Amos Wilson Custom Quote Hoodie Long Sleeve T-shirts.
  • RBG Clothing
  • Pan African Ideology
  • Black Nationalism
  • Colors come in grey & white
  • Sizes: S –  2XL


“The powerful will always have the upperhand while the powerless remains the underdog.” This statement aptly summarizes the disparity between the “classes” of people as dictated not so much by words but by actions. This statement was made by Dr Amos Wilson, who was considered to be one of the most eloquent speakers of the twentieth century. Dr. Wilson was an African- American author, philosopher, psychologist, lecturer, social worker, probation officer and Pan-Africanist who recognized the marginalization and stigmatization of the people of African descent born and living in the United States of America. Having identified the social and economic disparities between “black” Americans and “white” Americans, he set out to find ways to bridge these gaps.

Choose which quote from this African Warrior Scholar that best describes your ideology and consciousness and proudly show the world while walking down the street or to visitors at your home or office that you want to correct the “Falsification of African Consciousness” among our people and continue working on the “Blueprint for Black Power!”

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